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Finding Your Vocation Seminar

Imagine you are a flower basking in bright sunlight. You are drawn upwards towards the sun as you grow. What draws you upward? What is your purpose in working?

Flowers are of different types. What type of flower are you? What are your abilities and talents? What type of personality do you have?

Growth requires proper nutrients. What motivates you to grow and contribute to society? What values are important to you?

Flowers also need the right environment. What is the right soil to plant your seed? Do you see yourself in a field of flowers or in a patch by yourself?

Flowers have names. Can you name your job title?

The purpose of the seminar is to help you find your vocation. If you are interested in this challenge there is an immediate job offer for you:

The Applicant

Have you found the purpose and meaning of your life?

Are you satisfied with the contribution you have made to the world?

Do you feel a mission in your life and work that lies beyond you?

Are you bored or mismatched in your current job?

Do you want to find a job you enjoy doing?

Are you in career transition?

Do you know how to locate local and overseas job opportunities?

Is self-employment for you?

The Job

This unique job requires you to clarify your vocation calling. Interested applicants can start work immediately by attending the seminar.

Topics covered in the Finding Your Vocation Seminar include:

  • Is Your Job In a Rut?
  • Your Enjoyable Achievements.
  • What Interests You?
  • What Are Your Natural Abilities?
  • What Is Your Personality Suited For?
  • What Job Title Fits?
  • What Do You Value?
  • Which Surroundings Best Suit You?
  • What Is Your Purpose In Working?
  • Your Perfect Job.
  • Where Is Your Perfect Job?
  • Self-Employment.
Seminars are conducted for groups or companies and can be tailor made around any of the topics discussed in E-Books or E-Workbooks. For more information on seminars please submit a Customer Request via the contact page. You can also open and save the Vocational Seminar Flyer.