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Tax havens


Independent advice is provided on any of the topics discussed in e-books such as living tax-free, investing funds in offshore tax havens, portfolio related matters, working offshore or setting up an offshore web site.

With a transpersonal perspective (check out "Links" on the left), confidential coaching is also available for those wishing to get in touch with their true vocational calling and become financially independent.

Consultancy Covers:

  • Investment advice on constructing an income portfolio and opening offshore bank and brokerage accounts. TTD does not work on commissions so advice is genuinely independent.
  • All matters relating to working (including business) or retiring in selected tax havens. See the country listing on the right.
  • Building an offshore web site including design, authoring, rigging with e-commerce and publishing to an offshore server.
  • Financial Coaching to help you become financially independent. Check out the link Financial Coaching.
  • Life Purpose Coaching for discovering your vocational niche in life. Click the link Life Purpose Coaching for further details.

You can open and save the Consultancy Flyer for further information.

International Coverage

If consultancy sessions cannot be conducted in person they can be arranged in the privacy of your home anywhere in the world by either internet or phone.

The internet offers the most cost effective means for international clients seeking private consultations.

You can use any of the free e-mail providers, such as Google, Yahoo both of which offer free chat, or for greater privacy any of the free encrypted services such as Hushmail.

In addition to e-mail or chat, international internet voice calls (plus video web cam) are FREE via services such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger. You will need to download and install the free software from the Skype or Yahoo site before you can conduct computer to computer phone conversations. Our Skype and Yahoo contact is blissfullytaxfree.

Sessions can also be conducted over conventional phone lines, and you will be given a number to call.



All consultants are expats with years of local experience and up to date information on the country concerned.
Working in Singapore
singaporeAttractive salaries, low personal tax, openness to foreign talent, safety and excellent infrastructure make Singapore one of the premier expatriate destination in the far east.
Retiring in Thailand
thailandHassle free retirement visas, tax free offshore income and low cost of living means you can live like a king as you explore Thailand's many attractions.
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