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Financial Freedom Seminar

Imagine you are a bird with all the capabilities of flight. What are you doing now, soaring high on the wings of financial freedom or perched on the ground caged in financial slavery?

Your financial wings are twofold.

On one wing is your earnings. If you are being paid for work that you would gladly do for nothing, you have one of the wings of financial freedom firmly in place. What would this type of work look like for you?

On the second wing is your spending. If you have sufficient money to afford the necessities and comforts of life, with enough left over to fly towards the financial goals that would make life worthwhile, you have the second wing in place. How much would this be for you?

The purpose of the seminar is to help you fly high on the wings of financial freedom. If you are interested in this challenge there is an exciting investment opportunity available:

Prosperity Unlimited a fund whose growth has defied gravity since inception is open to all astute investors. Highlights of the prospectus are outlined below:

The Investor

Would you stop work if not for the money?

Would you like to be rich and financially independent?

Rather than possessing money are you possessed by it?

Are you compulsively spending your money on things that provide only temporary pleasure?

Is earning money an obsession rather than fun?

Are you skimping and hoarding away money waiting for retirement before you start living?

Would you like to live tax-free?

The Investment

In YOURSELF through attending the seminar.

Topics covered in the Financial Freedom Seminar include:

  • Does Money Make You Happy?
  • Vocational Fulfillment.
  • Will All the Dollars Please Stand Up.
  • Lifestyles of the Contented.
  • Who Are You Working For?
  • Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams.
  • Financial Independence.
  • The Wise Squirrel Plan.
  • Personal Taxes Around the World.
  • Towards Thoughtful Spending.
  • Types of Investments.
  • Living Tax Free.
  • Free as a Bird.
Seminars are conducted for groups or companies and can be tailor made around any of the topics discussed in E-Books or E-Workbooks. For more information on seminars please submit a Customer Request via the contact page. You can also open and save the Financial Seminar Flyer.