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Life Purpose Coaching

In spite of all the outward signs of success in life, some individuals do not find their careers meaningful or satisfying at a deeper level, reporting such things as: "My life is empty". Or, "There must be more than this". Or, "I feel hollow inside".

Modern life has failed to meet the human need for meaning, leaving the urgent questions unanswered: What is really meaningful in life? What is truly important for me to achieve?

These questions if pursued with ardor and purity of motive leads to the spiritual dimension of growth, where the individual looks upwards in the search for new meaning and purpose in life.


The Seasons of Life

The search for purpose and meaning underlies the seasons of life.

During the autumn of life enthusiasm for personal goals wanes. Attempts to inject enthusiasm with new activities and interests is usually short lived. Work that was once satisfying now lacks vitality.

As the season progresses into winter lack of meaning replaces purpose. Now is a time of emptiness, questioning of previously held values, and confusion. The winters of life are stark and cold.

The winter however can be a turning point for those willing to surrender to the process, for all the superficial reasons for working such as money, status, obligation, security, accumulation of material wealth etc. are exposed like rocks at low tide for closer examination.

Winter can be a few months long or many years, but as spring arrives glimpses of exciting unexplored career possibilities begin like sunshine to break through the cloud cover, and mindfulness is the key to capturing them.

Spring is characterized by as much action as reflection, for only by following the footprints can you determine the correct path from the false trails. Out of this cyclical process of inner work and outer action emerges a butterfly with a stronger sense of identity and purpose. With patience and perseverance the summer returns.

Life stirs again, and out of this deeper search for meaning is discovered your unique mode of self expression, your destiny, your vocation.

When your work has come to a standstill and you are closing one chapter of life and opening another Life Purpose Coaching can help you through the difficult process of transition described above, to finding destiny and mission that lies beyond you and ultimately to work that satisfies the soul.

Either in person, by phone or internet Life Purpose Coaching takes from 1 to 10 one-hour sessions.
In addition to homework from the workbook Finding Your Vocation coaching covers:
  • Exploratory sessions 1-3: The Purpose in Life test  & Where Do You Stand Now in Life? exercise; Quality in Life diagram; Roads Not Taken exercise.
  • Creativity sessions 4-7: What Will I Be? exercise; Blossoming of the Rose guided imagery; Exploring Spiritual Experiences exercise; i-consciousness exercise.
  • Action sessions 8-10: The Will & Dare to Dream exercise; Overcoming obstacles to actualizing your life purpose.
Life purpose coaching includes a complimentary copy of the workbook Finding Your Vocation, the Spiritual Awakening workbook and the audio recording containing selected exercises within the workbook.

Get out of the rut now, check the consultancy box on the contact page and arrange for a FREE initial evaluation. For groups or companies download the Life Purpose Coaching Seminar Flyer or the Spiritual Awakening Seminar Flyer. For more information on seminars please submit a customer request via the contact page.
spiritual                - Special Offer -

For do it yourself coaching you can purchase the workbook titled Spiritual Awakening (100 pages, E-Book .pdf format, 2631k) plus the optional audio recording (34:50 minutes, digital file in .mp3 format, 33,456k) for selected exercises within the workbook designed to awaken you to the spiritual dimension of your life. The workbook draws on the latest approaches from transpersonal psychology an outline of which appears in the free excerpt.pdf of the workbook. In addition you will need to purchase the workbook Finding Your Vocation. Note: Please ensure your internet connection is fast enough to download the 33M audio file.
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