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Financial Coaching

The aim of financial coaching is to help you become financially independent - the ability to live for the remainder of your life without the need to work.

Financial independence is not just for the rich but is well within the grasp of the average wage earner.

In spite of this as few as 5% manage to retire with the same standard of living they enjoyed during their working lives, with less than 1% able to do as they please.

The remainder end up living off a meager government pension or having to continue working long after age sixty.

In the face of such high taxes and a consumer orientated society how to join the ranks of the 5% who are able to live comfortable well off in retirement?

One thing is certain - you can only learn how to become financially independent from someone who is already financially independent. Enter your coach, who will teach you how to increase your earnings, savings and invest your nest egg offshore, all from experience.

With a source of tax-free income generated from the greener pastures offshore you are now miles ahead of the herd whose retirement income is sourced from within the tax infested swamps onshore.

Financial coaching includes a complimentary copy of the workbook Financial Freedom, seven Lotus 123 financial templates plus the comprehensive instruction manual titled Your Financial Plan for Financial Independence.

Either in person, by phone or internet financial coaching will ensure your financial independence.

Your coach will take you through the templates in the first one-hour session tailoring the templates to your needs. If you do not have spreadsheet software your coach will complete the templates on your behalf and give you a copy of your financial plan.

If after the first session you require further assistance especially with offshore portfolio related matters additional sessions can be arranged.

Don't miss out on your pot of gold, check the consultancy box on the contact page and arrange for a FREE initial evaluation.
    template          - Special Offer -

For do it yourself coaching you can purchase the seven Lotus 123 templates (.wk4 format, one file of 188k) plus instruction manual (70 pages, E-Book .pdf format, 972k) that will enable you to construct a financial plan for financial independence. Open the free excerpt.pdf from the manual containing an outline of the seven templates.
     (immediate download for both products)