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in the world's best tax havens
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Workers on the average wage throughout OECD countries are losing some 40% of their LIFETIME earnings in tax!!!!

Are you swimming up to your eyeballs in tax?

Do you feel powerless to do anything about it?

Would you like to make this year's tax return your last?

Now you can reduce your tax down to $20 or less. It is called a departure tax.



This 717 page (7.7 Mbyte, .pdf format) E-Book contains THREE E-Books bundled into one comprehensive E-Book and bookmarked for easy navigation.

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You will save thousands in tax.

The Comprehensive Offshore Guide will free you from the financial servitude within your high tax country of origin and introduce you to an exciting new tax-free lifestyle.
Imagine you could:

investing Invest your savings in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Channel Islands or other reputable tax haven that has no income, capital gains or inheritance tax. Income from your investments is tax-free. 
thailand Retire to the Bahamas, Monaco, Thailand or a host of other attractive retirement destinations that do not tax your offshore investments.
singapore Work in Singapore, the United Arab Emirates or similar expatriate haven that has low or zero income tax and does not tax your offshore investments.

All your options for low or tax-free international living are covered within the Comprehensive Offshore Guide, including how to live tax-free in any country of the world including "home".

Here is a sample of what is covered inside the guide:

living tax free LIVING TAX FREE E-Book

The ultimate in financial freedom - living legally tax-free. This E-Book will show you how to benefit from the tax havens of the world and make this year's tax return your last. Packed with an extensive list of web sites on offshore banks, brokers and fund supermarkets in the world's best tax havens.
bullet Taxes around the world - a comparison of countries
bullet Best Offshore Tax Havens for Banking and Investment
bullet Extensive list of Offshore Banks, Fund Managers & Brokers in the best tax havens
bullet Comprehensive list of tax-free retirement havens
bullet How to live tax-free anywhere in the world as a "Permanent Traveler"
bullet Offshore property opportunities, investment resources and privacy related matters
investing for income INVESTING FOR INCOME E-Book

Live off a tax-free source of income from offshore investments. This E-Book will show you how to construct a balanced portfolio of income generating investments that gives a high dividend yield for income hungry investors. Packed with numerous high dividend yield securities and funds from around the world.
bullet How to construct a balanced portfolio of high dividend yield offshore investments
bullet Offshore banks with a high interest rate on cash
bullet List of high dividend yield offshore bond, property and equity funds
bullet List of high dividend yield property securities and stocks from around the world
bullet Open-End, Closed-End, Index and Exchange Traded Funds explained
bullet Sample income portfolios designed according to different risk profiles
working offshore WORKING OFFSHORE E-Book
Reduce your tax to less than 10% of salary by working as an expatriate offshore. This E-Book will help you find employment of set up business in the world's best expatriate tax havens. Packed with numerous useful web sites including an extensive list of expatriate employers in the world's best tax havens.
bullet The best tax havens for expatriate employment
bullet Salaries & benefits, immigration matters and job opportunities in the best havens
bullet The best strategies for securing offshore employment
bullet Contracts and the recruitment process and how to negotiate the best deal
bullet Business and company formation in the best expatriate havens
bullet How to work anywhere in the world tax-free

And much, much more in the Comprehensive Offshore Guide that incorporates all three of the above E-Books in one 717 page E-Book.


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